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Homage to Pete Seeger


This week Pete Seeger passed away. He was there before anybody else. Maybe Woody Guthrie and the Missisipi blues singers were there before him. For a couple of weeks we will hear a lot about him and his 60+ years of career. We like to dig in the most unexplored places of our musical universe, so we would like to dedicate today’s #freemusicfridays to Pete Seeger’s early years with The Weavers. With them he spent 40 years playing for the working class, until the McCarthy era in the 50’s, when their music was banned. By the end of the decade, with the fall of McCarthy, The Weavers returned with a great concert at the Carnegie Hall. It was recorded and became a super hit. In fact it is considered the first released live recording in the history of popular music.
Pete Seeger learned some of the best songs of his repertoire during those years: Wimoweh, If I had a Hammer, El frente de Gandesa, Suliram, Die Gedanken sind frei or the beautiful ballad we bring to you today, Good night Irene, a composition by bluesman Lead Belly.
We started recording this cover as soon as we heard the sad news. Rest in peace, Pete.

For more than a year we have been giving you songs every friday to make your weekend a little happier. If you like the #freemusicfridays project, and you want to keep it alive, make a small donation by clicking the “donate” button at the bottom of the blogposts of

Thank you and happy #freemusicfridays!


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  zuludelta45 wrote @

Here is my very own short Pete Seeger story….Zulu Delta

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