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Pinker Press Update

Dear Vans Warpedians,

Here is a selection of the press we’ve had so far on this tour. We want to thank Paul and everybody at Nacional for the work they’ve done.

“This Barcelona duo hit like a spicier Daft Punk, keeping the retro electronica but trading the po-mo mind games for hip-twisting grooves. Bring oil if you catch them on Warped Tour this summer–you will be doing the electric slide.” – SPIN 6/08

“The Pinker Tones ruled. So up my alley, three dudes dressed alike — in silver and black, no less — bumping electro jams that reference the DFA’s urban chic, Daft Punk’s fun and Eurodisco’s overall danceability. The Barcelona trio also appeared to be having the most fun of any group there.” – RIVERFRONT TIMES – St. Louis, MO – 7/1/08

“Warped pioneers.” – ORLANDO WEEKLY – Orlando, FL – 7/10/08

“These Barcelona synth-rockers have found a way to become the next big Daft Punk confection without seeming derivative.” – NEWSDAY – Long Island, NY – 6/29/08

“Spain’s dynamic DJ duo The Pinker Tones blow the laces off the Vans Warped Tour and defy (or maybe redefine) music genres.” – HISPANIC MAGAZINE – 6/08

“Barcelona’s playful Pinker Tones just might be the most eclectic group to play America’s Warped Tour. – FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM (Fort Worth, TX – 7/20/08

“Mister Furia and his partner Professor Manso reflect the diversity of their city and serve up an fantastic mix of pop, funk, soul, bossa-nova, break-beat, swing, lounge, and psychedelia beats–a surreal and über happy and upbeat cocktail of booty-shaking bass electronica.” – ON TAP MAGAZINE (Washington, DC – 7/2/08

“Amid the sound and fury of this year’s Vans Warped Tour… fans will hear a unique blend of pop, rock, funk, bossa nova, lounge, psychedelia, Euro-dance and electronica emanating from one of its many stages.” – VIRGINIAN-PILOT – Norfolk, VA – 7/14/08

“Wild Animals is a series of synth-gilt pelvic meditations on the the real world stars and audience both occupy, with tracks like “Worker Bees” and “Sexy Robot” distilling the anomie into bootilicious joy.” – MEANSTREET MAGAZINE – Los Angeles, CA – 6/08

“Global dance party: Pinker Tones give Warped Tour international flair.”
– ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH – St. Louis, MO – 6/28/08

“[Pinker Tones’ ‘Wild Animals’ is] an endorphin-goosing dance album.”
– ROLLING STONE – 6/12/08

” Raising the bar for electronica used to be the realm of bands like Depeche Mode and New Order – but now groups like The Pinker Tones are bringing a wild energy and ambitious focus to a new generation.” – ASSOCIATED PRESS – 6/2/08

” Whatever crops up in the music — retro-funk breakdowns, bachelor-pad bossa novas, catchy choruses in Romance languages — the beat endures and thrives [on Wild Animals].” – NEW YORK TIMES – 6/1/08

“The boys from Barcelona hit the streets with [Wild Animals], a surprisingly confident and joyful collection of jaunty hooks and mondo beats that fully exploits all that the Pinker Tones hear and integrate in their port city.”

“This group from Barcelona has developed a brilliant way to bring people to a musical climax thanks to their genius fusion of languages and rhythms in an electronic mood. ‘Wild Animals’ is one of the most amazing albums of the year.”

“Like some sort of hipster virus, the Pinker Tones’ poppy electronica has spread from the duo’s hometown of Barcelona.”
-BILLBOARD – 4/13/08

Best regards from the mobile Pinkerland unit!

Untatooedly yours,

Mr. Furia aka Working Bee # 1



  nati wrote @


  Mary wrote @

you guys deserve every bit of it! =)

  Mary wrote @

Today, I hope you enjoy MY hometown, Milwaukee. You will be able to see the beautiful museum designed by your fellow countryman, Calatrava. Drink some beer, have a bratwurst and enjoy the awesome lake.! =)

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