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Fan of the day!

Dear Vans Warpedians,

Working Bee # 1 has been a bit lazy on the last few days, but I had to finish a loooong article for a spanish Barcelona based newspaper called La Vanguardia. As usual, my article will be illustrarted by one of Profesor Manso’s brilliant pictures. This will be a series of two and they will be printed in early august. I will post the exact publishing dates in the nearest future.

About the last days I would very briefly say that we’ve had constantly rainy weather, but today in Philly the sun came out again and so did the shorts and sunblock, to whom we’d given a rest for the last few days. In this rather sunny mood we also received a really nice message I’d like to share with all of you.

Nothing to add, except Ali is hereby declared official fan of the day!

Untatooedly yours,

Mr. Furia

Ali’s message:

Hi! My name is Ali, and I just wanted to tell you guys how much I loved seeing you at Warped Tour on Monday, July 14 in Charlotte, NC. I have been going to Warped Tour for the past 7 years, and have never been so pleased with a CD I’ve bought there. I purchased Wild Animals and The Million Colour Revolution and love them both! Hope to see you in the US again soon!



  EsPe wrote @

Venga, molta força!
Que ja queda poc ;P

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