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Blame Canada!

Blame Canadaaaaa!!!!

…as Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote in the South Park Movie! We’ve been in Canada for a couple of days, Toronto first and today Montreal. We’ve had the day off which is a blessing and we’ve had the chance to go to a music shop with our friends Arif and Moe from Protest the Hero to help them choose a keyboard for some new stuff they are doing. Then we had Thai food and went to see Vieux Montreal. You can imagine hw relaxing it is was for european eyes to see something that’s over 25 years old. We haven’t had much sightseeing on this trip, so it’s been very refershing. We also found a very cool art gallery. I f you live in the Montreal area check it out. It’s called Yves Laroche ( And now we’re going to go for Dinner and Margaritas… Our beloved Pecker is leaving the pinker expedition tomorrow AND it’s Leigh’s birthday. So, it’ll be a LOT of margaritas!

I’ll be back soon,

Mr. Furia aka Working bee # 1


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  Leigh wrote @

awww.. you guys are awesome! My little birthday party in Vieux Montreal was the best yet. Thank you for sharing it with me. Miss you!


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