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Dear fellow Vans Warpedians,

Here we are at the end of the first perido of the Vans Warped Tour. And we’re moving into Canada today. That means some of our friends on the tour are very happy (Protest the Hero, Beduine Sound Clash, and all other canadians on the tour) and some aren’t, because they can’t enter the country…

Anyway, we’ll miss them and hope to see them back soon as we reenter the States. Dave, our driver, is not specially happy about Canada or Canadians (obviously it’s all a joke!) and when we told him for the first time that we were friends with Protest the Hero, who are canadians, he looked at us shaking his head and said: “You don’t care who you’re playing with , hu?” We all had a big laugh.

Well, TPT are very happy to visit Canada again, since we’ve been treated so nicely both times we’ve been there. Looking forward to see all of our Toronto friends, can’t wait till tomorrow.

Today we’re in Detroit and it looks like it’s going to be one of crowdest days of the tour: over 20.000 kids! Yesterday we played Cleveland, which happened to be one of the best shows so far. But our friend Dante from ths Skullcandy tent, who is a Detroit local, has spoken to a lot of people who will com to see us. So, that’s good!!!

I’ll tell you about us crossing the border tomorrow.

Have a nice and vanswarpedized day.

Untatoodely yours,

Mr. Furia aka Working Bee # 1



  Mary wrote @

Detroit Rock City! If you guys get any time off…go visit the Motown Museum. It is a great music history place. The neighborhood is a little scary, but don’t worry.

  EsPe wrote @

esteu sencers! 😛

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