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Dave says

Manso al habla, aka Working Bee # 2…

Dice un archiconocido dicho popular: “A quien madruga Dios le ayuda”. Pues resulta que estos ultimos dias Mr.Furia ha estado levantandose muy de madrugada, a esas horas en las que solo nuestro conductor Dave esta despierto… trabajando! Y como a Furia se le da muy bien aquello de entablar conversacion, pues ha descubierto que Dave es un gran interlocutor, o uno de esos personajes con infinitud de batallitas que contar, ademas de un gran tipo!

Dicho lo dicho, hemos decidido abrir una nueva seccion del blog con las historietas que le cuenta Dave a Mr.Furia mientras el sol se asoma lentamente sobre el asfalto… su turno Mr.Furia…



Furia: As Profesor Manso wrote above, I’ve been having some really cool early morning conversations with Dave, our driver. As most drivers, he has a million stories to tell, but not all drivers are ready to share those stories with somebody they just met. Dave is one of the good story tellers and is full of common sense and road wisdom. And not only that, but he’s also trying to teach me New England style english. So, when I wake up early and go to the front cabin with two cups of coffee and a pack of Camel Lights, he’s always happy to tell me a new chapter of his life. The morning procedure starts with an exchange of cigarrettes (I mean Smokey Treats, sorry Dave!). I’ll have one of his menthols, and he’ll have one of my regulars.

Yesterday, I woke up really early to do some work on my laptop. After a while, he turned and said:
“How’s it goin’?”
“Good, I’m almost done…”, I replied.
“Ooooh, almost… Do you know the story of a man who goes into the woods and meets another man? The other man says to him: Do you want to have sex with my sister? She’s ALMOST a virgen…”

There you go, that’s the Dave style. Concepts are very important to him!

I’ll post soon about our visit to the Mississippi River.

Keep cool and play it hot.

Untatooedly tours,

Working Bee # 1 aka Mr. Furia


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  David Clement Jr. wrote @

my dad does come up with some things about new england that most people aint never heard about. wait till he teaches yall about coffee milk, clam chowda, his weird methods of organazation, and of course the famous saying,” how you doin?” and so on…….

yall take good care of him out there, hope to meet yall out in mansfield, MA this upcoming week….should be spending some time with pops.

Dave Jr.

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