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Tour sPEZials

Working bee #3 speaking! It’s been a couple of days since we arrived in the states, and there already has been a lot going on. The Vans Warped Tour is taking a day off, so I write these lines as we drive towards Maryland Heights (MO), our next stop in the tour. We’ve been on the road all night and we won’t reach our goal until this afternoon. Dave is a tough driver.

Three days ago destiny took us to one of these superhuge Walmarts. Well, actually we needed stuff for the bus and shampoo… Some of you already know that I’m a big PEZ fan. In the last years I’ve been collecting PEZ dispensers on every tour. Well, that day at Walmart, I had a revelation: I found a special Elvis gift pack, with 3 PEZ dispensers which represent 3 different moments of Elvis Presley’s life. It also comes with a CD. This tincan is supposed to be a limited edition, but as I had a closer look, I found out that this “limited edition” had 400.000 units. Hmmmm, limited edition definitely means something different in Europe. The good thing, our unit is #325325, a magic number!

Oh! Also, yesterday in Denver we were able to watch Spain win the Eurocup for the first time in 44 years. So, congratulations to our boys!




  claire wrote @

cool Niño a little fact for you seeing as your a PEZ fan the best known internet auction site eBay was actually started by an American man for his finaceé at the time in 1995 (now wife) so she could trade PEZ dispensers with other PEZ collectors

  manina wrote @

com estàs’???? què guai això del blog!! així us vaig seguint la pista! 😉
t’envio un petó molt fort!!

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