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Hello everybody,

today we played Denver, which has been our third gig on the Vans Warped Tour, and I must say that we’ve been very lucky to find some really nice people so far. So, here I go with a litlle list of people who I’d like to thank:

1) Sonia from Nike Spain, for the most desired shoes of the festival. Everybody is going crazy with our design of silver Nikes!

2) Eliana, fan of the day, who has driven six hours to see ONLY us… which is very, flattering!

3) Pennywise for showing me how to throw the american football (a special thanks for the patience as well; hope I didn’t hurt anybody with my first attempts;-)

4) Skullcandy for the Pinker Tones headphone model, which is really cool.

5) BBC America for showing The Revenge of The Pink Panther tonight

6) Our damned mixer, which broke down and which we have to fix tomorrow. In order to do that, we have to arrive in Maryland Heights before noon, which means leaving now, which means we’re missing the super duper party tonight at The Marquee, which means we will be the only people of the Vans Warped Tour without a hangover tomorrow. No swearing in this blog, but grrrrrrr…

Have some good fun fellow Vans- Warpedians! We’ll be there in spirit 😉

Alrighty, Im going back to do some studio work!

Untatooedly yours,

Mr. Furia

P.S.: You see (“alrighty”) Dave our driver is spoiling my english, as promised!



  Sonia wrote @

WOoW! Muchas gracias chicos!!! aunque el diseño es vuestro 🙂
nos vemos pronto!!
El blog esta super bien, me encanta… felicidades… y a pasarlo bien… Un beso enorme…

  Mary wrote @

You and Pennywise playing football–I would have loved to see that!
I enjoy reading the posts–keep on writing.

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