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Hit the Road Jack

Hi everybody,

we’re getting into the rythm of the tour. But touring is what it is: driving, sleeping, waiting and… yes, right: play a show at some point during the day. But we’ve already set up our portable studio in the back room of the bus. I still can’t reveal what we’re recording, but it’s great fun, I can assure you. And well, why hide it: The Pinker Tones are a bunch of workaholics. That’s because we have so much fun doing what we do.

Anyway, I’m giving my ears a bit of a rest, so I can also update you on what’s going on here. Today we’ve arrived in Salt Lake City. It’s not as hot as in Phoenix and Las Cruces. So, tomorrow we expect you here!!! And after that we’re going to Denver. Profesor Manso is doing some really cool pics and he’s selecting some to upload tomorrow.

Bestos regardos to all of you!

Mr. Furia


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  “3$P€” (esperança) wrote @

Nice les fotos! Són molt guapes.
Com m’agradaría poder estar a tots aquets llocs on heu de anar… Pero deu ser molt cansat aixo de estar tot el temps per amunt i per avall…
Que vagi be & que arribeu sencers! ^-^

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