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Good morning Vans-Warped-Nam!!!

Hi there,

here are some random ideas and info I wanted to share with all of you guys.

1) We’re on a bus that’s got quite a nice history… Other users, besides us: Green Day, Billy Joel… and OMG: Metallica!!! As soon as we get back to pinkerland we will write a song called “Enter Pinkman” It might start with a cool brass section… I don’t know, anyone got any ideas of how Enter Pinkman should sound? Please share them with us.

2) Today we stayed at a Radisson Hotel in Salt Lake city and an old idea came up to my mind. Have you ever noticed that their logo is very, very, VEEEEEEEERY similar to the signature of one of the greatest painters of the 20th century? Hmmm, he was born in Malaga (Spain) and his daughter Paloma was quoted in an Iggy Pop song… “Paloma, come on and send me your aroma” (that’s because she used to work for a perfume company in Roma). Anyway, do you know who I’m talking about? Easy…

3) Niño bought some really nice stuff yesterday, but he will tell you about it later…

Untattooedly yours,

Mr. Furia



  Vanity Dust wrote @

Hey friends, hola amigos. Mucha suerte en la “girilla” yankee, os conozco de cerca, especialmente a Dj Niño, aunque en este blog de VanityDust oculto mi identidad, si le dais una ojeada entenderéis ( por lo decadente y perturbado del contenido literario) el porqué.

Un abrazo y adelante con vuestro pedazo de grupo.


  Zuleny wrote @

Easy Pablo Picasso.

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